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Ok Smart Ass

Dec 12, 2021

In this episode Patrick adds to the endless list of gadgets he imagines he needs.

We discover that NASA scientists and ordinary folk like Tor can all make mistakes when cleaning expensive objects.

And when someone claims to be able to conjure vodka, concrete and activewear from thin air they might be telling the...

Nov 28, 2021

In this episode Patrick's dream job involves remote piloting a satellite into an asteroid, while Tor is channelling her mother and saying things her children won’t like.

Maybe the cure for trolling is just to be polite and ask nicely, maybe.  

If you knew how many germs live off your phone you’d probably be more...

Nov 14, 2021

In this episode Patrick wonders if Facebook can get any creepier, while at the same time allowing climate deniers to flourish.

Tor reveals that a heated Bugatti razer won't be parking in her garage any time soon, even if it is blue and has racing stripes.

A jumping castle in space may convince Patrick to sell his...

Oct 31, 2021

In this meta-episode we consider a rebrand at the same time we massively increase our payload capacity.

Tor's obsession with turning single cells into hamburgers expands into a grow-your-own uterus for both eat in or takeaway. 

And the Japanese just refuse to get rid of floppies as we bid farewell to the MacBook Pro...

Oct 17, 2021

In this episode Patrick gets edgy about Tor’s sudden fascination with technologically advanced cannibalism.

We discover that throwing a famous nonagenarian up into the air is an irresistible attention grabber.

And Patrick has trouble convincing Tor that the tyres on his scooter represent cutting edge technology.