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Ok Smart Ass

Sep 25, 2022

In this episode, we get curious about why Amazon has bought a vacuum cleaner… Sorry, that should read: a whole company of vacuum cleaners. Why China is collecting so much DNA. And why Germany is still using gas lighting that was first installed in the nineteenth century.

And Patrick gives us a review of his first...

Sep 11, 2022

In this episode, we try to dismiss the idea of an AI, robot CEO, but worry it’s only a matter of time.

In food tech, the big story is that one of Coca-Cola’s largest bottlers is working on making sugar from thin air.

And a swarm of satellites helps explain the sad tale behind those North Korean ghost ships.


Aug 28, 2022

In this episode we listen to the music of the black hole at the centre of the Perseus galaxy.

An Australian bank promises to stick to EVs when making car loans.

And a new approach to moving about in virtual reality might lessen the famous VR vomit.


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Aug 14, 2022

What would you do if you won 100-billion dollars? Tor reckons Patrick just wants to rule the world if he wins.

Is a Facebook friend really a friend or just someone you stalk in your spare time? Patrick admits that he may need an intervention and Tor gloats that she has more social media followers than him.

And, the city...

Jul 31, 2022

We chat to Craig Harper about life, the universe, being a fat kid and navigating the world of technology.

Craig is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, stress management,...